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I want to tell you of the value of habits.

I am visiting my daughter and son-in-law in LA.  They live in a neighborhood with hilly, uneven places to walk.  It’s not what I’m used to.  It’s not the most fun and/or confortable place to walk.

I just couldn’t sit in the house and watch TV.  My habits were too strong.  I have gone out three times to walk today.  I managed to find a route I could handle and have walked OVER 5 miles so far.   I could see me getting in some more milage this evening.

Yesterday we drove almost 450 miles.  The trip meant that a stop at a fastfood place.  I ordered the grilled chicken and checked the calorie chart on the wall.  Even though I was tired at the end of the day, I managed to consume fewer calories than I burned.  I also go up early and walked with my dog as much as possible.  I was able to do this because of habits.

I have been told and I believe that if you can do something for about 28 days it becomes a habit.  The same is true with the foods you like.  My tastes now prefer a nice piece of fish instead of a piece of beef.

I find that I have the most trouble sticking to my habits and tastes when I let myself get tired.

My dog helps me to handle that because she will not let me sit when she wants to walk.  She also expects a portion of my food.   She helps me to stay on track.  She also proves my belief that we will do things for others that we won’t do for ourselves.


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Dog communications

We humans think that we are pretty smart with ourcell phones and internet.

Well, dogs have good communications too.    My dog leaves pee mails for her friends and she even smell-checks them.

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Today’s Rain -courtesy of me

My Arizona friends, today’s rain is MY Fault.

It grabbed hold of my car when I left my daughter’s house in LA and followed me all the way to Casa Grande.

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Tough day to diet

We are in California, visiting our daughter and son-in-law.   We are housebound because it’s raining and because my daughter is “under the weather.”

There’s very little to do.   My dog is mack home with my son.  (not excuse to walk).   No exercise equipment, no handy gym.  I just have the TV and my computer.

You know from my other blog (Not Born 2 be wide), that I have developed some pretty good health and diet habits.   BUT Today is really difficult.  Witn no distractions, I find myself thinking about food and wanting to run into the kitchen to make a big meal of comfort food.

Yesterday was OK weather-wise.  I got to walk up and down hills.   I didn’t eat too much.

Well, I hope I make it through the weekend without gaining weight.

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Pasqualina and Guido’s wedding – the play

The play started for each guest when they entered the hall.

There were two ushers seating the people, mob-style.   “You sita here or I breaka you facea.”

The mob ushers represented the two families involved in the wedding.  The poeple on the bride’s side were instructed to boo and complain if something bad was said about Pasqualina or the Fettabrucha family.  The other usher told his side to boo if people insulted the groom or the Buca di Beppo family.

After everyone was seated, the flirt, Lola was shown getting a phone call.  She talked all about how she was the pretty one and Pasqualina was ugly.   Then she went around flirting with the guests trying to get a man.

When the wedding started, the priest told the guests that the bride’s last name meant ugly face in Italian.   “I tell you a this so you don’t get sick when you see her.”

The ushers argued about whether the priest could insult Pasqualina and the priest broke up the fight to start the wedding.

The ceremony started The groom, Guido and the best man came out and stood near the priest.

The bride and her father started down the isle preceded by Wanda the maid of hona.

The lovely Pasqualina

When the priest asked if anyone objected to the wedding, the Gumade (woman on the side) ran out and said Guido promased to marry her because she was pregnant.

The bride’s papa chased the gumade away and the wedding continued.

Instead of vows, the couple made demands “like in the old country”

Pasqualina’s big demand was that Guido prove he was capable of protecting her by carrying her over the honeymoon threshold without a hand truck.

After some arguing, the couple agreed to the demands because Pasqualina had no other prospects and Guido didn’t want to swim with the fishes in cement shoes.

The priest pronounced them man and wife and the bridal party marched out of the hall.

I will post about the reception next.

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Values eulogies

One of the best ways to live at peace with yourself is to be true to your values and do the things that are really important to you.

With everything going on in our lives, it is sometimes difficult to keep track of what your values really are.

Doing “values eulogies” is a good way to refocus.

Write down things that people would say about you at your funeral if you lived your life the way you think you should.

What would your neighbors say?

How about your spouse and children.

Your boss and co-workers and employees?

What would the Good Lord Say?

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We went on a whale watching boat

Fran and I took a wale watching boat ride while in San Diego.   We were lucky enough to be out on an exceptional day.  We say a small group of 3 or 4 whales doing their thing.  We saw three whales fluke at the same time plus many other neat sites.  We were close enough to hear the whales blow out air when they surfaced..

We also saw two different types of dolphins and some sealions.

It was 3 hours well spent.

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35th Anniversary

My friends, this Monday, Feb 1,2010 is my 35th wedding anniversary.

My wife Fran and I are still happy together.

We are going to San Diego for a few days of relaxation.

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Odd weather in southern Arizona

You may be aware of the storems starting in California mowing east through Arizona.

Until today, the storms reminded me of old New Jersey weather in late spring.  Damp breezy and cool.

Today we have high winds 22 gusting to 50.  Even though the ground is damp, the wind is creating a dust storm situation that reminds me of a fog.   Visibility is limited to around 1.4 mile.    It is dangerous.   Even my dog who loves to walk only goes out for necessary and minimum trips.   We also have a flash flood warning because we are expecting lots of rain today, tonight and through the end of the week.

We need the rain.  I just hope nobody does dumb things and tries to drive through water that may cover the roads.

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The last supper

Every time I look at a picture of the last supper, and other paintings where the Good Lord is in a group of people, Jesus is in the middle.  Even the pictures on the stations of the cross show Jesus in the middle of people.

In my church, we are taught to be like Jesus.  Most people really try, except in church.  They sit on the end of the pew so people have to climb over them to get a seat.

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